Indie developer Paper Dino (Haiku Hero) has launched a creative and addictive shoot'em up -- that doesn't actually feature any shooting on your part -- called Negative Spacecraft, which is described as "what you might get if you Ikaruga and Shoot the Bullet had a drunken love-child".

It's difficult to master the timing at first, but the main gimmick of the black-and-white stages is your ship can only occupy opposite-colored space. Enemy ships stream out waves of white and black patterns, that you can safely push into by flipping your own craft's color right as you shift between spaces.

You'll need to quickly navigate between the black and white areas to get closer to your enemy, that way you can charge up and expand a small circle around your ship that harms nearby enemies. It's kind of a complicated premise, but it's all explained in the trailer above.

You can play Negative Spacecraft for free now at Addicting Games.