After bringing Arc the Lad I, Arc The Lad II, and Arc Arena to PSN -- long with a much welcome selection of PS1 imports -- MonkeyPaw Games has released the final installment of the ARC Entertainment/G-Craft tactical RPG series, Arc the Lad III, to the PSone Classics Store.

Originally released in North America in 2002 as part of Arc the Lad Collection (Japan received it as a standalone game in 1999), this last entry ties up all the storylines developed in the original two games while adding a fully-3D polygon envorinment and expanding the job-based Hunter system.

It also introduces "the story of Alec and Lutz, two young boys hoping to become great Hunters and take down the corrupt group known as the Academy." You can now download Arc the Lad III for PSN, which was brought over with help Gaiinworks, for $5.99.

"The great thing about Arc the Lad Collection was that the gameplay between the three series shared a common bond, but the experiences were so different," says Gaijinworks head Victor Ireland, who was president of Arc the Lad Collection's original publisher Working Designs.

He adds, "Now players who missed the series the first time around can finally put that last puzzle piece in their digital RPG collection and experience the great characters and satisfying end to the story arc that Arc the Lad III offers. GaijinWorks has been watching the reception of these titles we’re doing with MonkeyPaw Games and as long as the fanbase is there, we anticipate more import cooperation with MonkeyPaw Games."