Llamasoft's Jeff Minter has sent out another animal-themed game to follow up titles like Space Giraffe, Attack of the Mutant Camels, and Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, releasing his first iOS game: Minotaur Rescue (yeah, it's a mythical creature, but it's still part of the pattern!).

It's a multi-directional shooter similar to Asteroids, except with 8-bit graphics, trippy visuals, "modern effects", touch controls, and online leaderboards. Players are tasked with battling "gravity, space rocks and marauding saucers as [they] fight to rescue endangered minotaurs and survive to gain the highest score."

Minter says his goal was to "create games in the style of old gaming systems but which are satisfying and fun to play for players both ancient and modern." For extra nostalgia, Minotaur Rescue includes two multiplayer bonus games, Tanks! and Jets!, both of which play a lot like the Atari 2600's Combat.

You can download Minotaur Rescue now onto your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad for $0.99 (the former version supports two-player multiplayer on a single device, while the iPad edition allows up to four people to play simultaneously).

[Via FingerGaming]