Kooky's Return, the charming live-action puppet feature film featuring production design by Machinarium creator and Amanita Design founder Jakub Dvorský, can now be previewed with this "home-made" English dubbed trailer.

Jan Svěrák (Kolya, Empties), the Oscar-winning director behind the movie, says he's received many requests for an English edition since its release in the Czech Repubic, and that this is the first time one of his films has been dubbed in English.

"I supervised the dub myself working with some of the actors from the Czech version of the film," explains Svěrák. "But this time they speak in English -- or do their best to." Jeremy Irons, however, provides the narration in this trailer.

He adds, "I decided to use Czech actors, with their heavy Central European accents, to retain the film's authenticity and its connection with the fantasy world we created in the Bohemian forests."

The director adds that this English version will be available for movie studios to acquire at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival Market. Someone pick this up please!