Independent outfit Sir Realism (Ninja Furenji, Value) has released an interesting art game called iCarus on iOS, which has players taking on the unconventional (well, if you haven't played Heavy Rain) role of a grieving father. The developer explains:

"iCarus is an art game about a man who has to deal with the death of his son. The man does this by drawing in his sketchbook. Each sketch is a new level with a new form of interaction. These interactions are explained solely in intuitive ways. Which results in a game with no text at all!"
With no text at all, Sir Realism expects that some players will have trouble with the game's interactions, so it offers a few tips, like listening closely to the music for clues about a level's goal, paying attention to coloring and lighting, and realizing that everything shown is there for a reason.

iCarus will be available for free on the App Store for a week. It's a short experience, one you can complete in a few minutes -- if you want to learn more about the game afterward, you can download Sir Realism's iCarus Report about its development.