You might have seen some of Anthony Michael Sneed's paintings before, which transforms adult/controversial themes into game covers modeled after the NES' black box series. New York City gallery Artjail now has a "Hell for Hire" exhibit featuring Sneed's work, and The New Pop produced this neat video from the show's opening two weeks ago.

The short clip features an interview with the artist as well as close-ups for some of his provocative -- some might even find them offensive -- pieces, like JFK: The Game ("Mind blowing fun!"), KKKocaine, and his 9-11 painting/animation depicting the World Trade Center's Twin Towers under attack in Punch-Out!!'s skyline.

"When you put that 8-bit filter on something so horrific, it almost dulls the whole event," explains Sneed. "I mean, it's almost like looking at it through a child's eyes. You know, like what does a child think when they see that?Do they see it as horrific? Do they understand? Can they decipher what's going on?"

Unfortunately, you'll only be able to see the "Hell for Hire" exhibit by appointment at Artjail for the next month. You can check out the game paintings and his other artwork online, though, at Sneed's site.

[Via Albotas]