Denis "Mif2000" Galanin's Hamlet (a.k.a. Hamlet Or Last Game Without MMORPG Elements, Shaders, and Product Placement), the indie adventure game inspired by William Shakespeare's play of the same name, jumps from the PC to the iOS platform today, thanks to publisher Alawar Entertainment.

Along with its playful pastel graphics, the game features 25 levels, boss battles, "old school adventuring" without the inventory-based puzzles, and more. The title stars a time-travelling scientist on a "mind-bending mission to save Hamlet's girlfriend, Ophelia, from the clutches of the evil Claudius."

Links to grab Hamlet from the App Store: Hamlet HD for iPad ($3.99)Hamlet HD Lite for iPad (free), Hamlet for iPhone/iPod Touch ($2.99)Hamlet Lite for iPhone/iPod Touch (free).