If for some reason you still haven't bought Glow Artisan, the Mobile IGF award-winning title released to DSiWare then Windows Phone 7 then iPhone, developer Powerhead Games has released a free version of the clever puzzler that you can now try out on your iOS device.

Again, the goal of Glow Artisan is to re-create puzzle "blueprints" by drawing/mixing lines made up of three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). This free edition includes 12 puzzles, two bonus picture-puzzles,  and the ability to create one puzzle from scratch or based on an included picture.

You can grab Glow Artisan Free from the App Store here. If you like it enough to buy the game, with a single $0.99 in-app purchase, you can unlock all 80+ levels, 160+ medals, the Picture-Puzzle creator, the Randomizer mode, the and more.