Complementing 2009's "Encyclopedia of 8-Bit Heroes", the latest issue (#7) of GameSpite Quarterly offers An Encyclopedia of 8-Bit Villains, profiling old-school enemies "both infamous and hardly famous at all" from Carmen Sandiego to Tetris' S and Z blocks:

"The 8-bit era, given the versatlity of its underlying technology, spans more than two decades of hardware and games, so this is easily one of the farthest-ranging issues of GameSpite Quarterly.

From the Grues and Invaders of the ’70s to the Guys you wanna be and sultry half-genies who appeared over the course of the decade just past, we’ve chronicled quite a collection of bad guys. And also, lots of not-so-bad guys.

After all, so often are villains merely misunderstood or misguided rather than completely rotten and cruel. Of course, plenty of them are the latter."

The 200-page issue offers nearly 90 different villain entries, and also has articles on Super Punch-Out!!, Batman: Arkham Asylum, SaGa Frontier 2, Bionic Commando ('09), Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, and Dragon Quest IX.

There's a $12 paperback edition and a $36 hardcover version, both of which feature the same content. Make sure to check out this page for seven profile previews and coupon codes you can use to save on shipping (expiring today!).