GameSetWatch's education-focused sister site has announced the results of its 3DS Game Design Challenge and in its new challenge, now asks readers to design a game for Sony's new NGP.

3DS Challenge Results

In GCG's latest completed challenge, which ended this week, the site asked its readers to design a game for Nintendo's soon-to-be-released handheld system, showing off their ideas for 3D stereoscopic gameplay.

The top three entries belong to:

Aaron Yip, Student at Georgia Institute of Technology, Shadowplay
Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago, Twilli's Odyssey
Todd Williams and Drew Rogers, Pop-Up Adventures

You can read these, as well as three honorable mentions, if you head over to GameCareerGuide.

NGP's New Challenge

This week the site also launched its latest Game Design Challenge, which asks readers to design a game for Sony's new handheld system codenamed Next Generation Portable, which will be available in late 2011.

The system includes features above and beyond the current PSP, including touch and tilt-sensitivity and two analog sticks, so there are plenty of opportunities for new game designs.

That challenge will accept entries through Wednesday, February 9, and all are welcome to submit. More details are available at GCG.