Though it released almost nine years ago and was praised by indie gamers, Eternal Daughter never received a formal soundtrack release from what I can recall. David Saulesco, who wrote, arranged, and performed the action-adventure title's music has fixed that by posting the "incomplete soundtrack" on Bandcamp!

In case you've never heard of Eternal Daughter, it was a fun, Metroidvania-style side-scroller from Jonathan Perry and Derek Yu, the latter of which went on to develop popular independent releases like Aquaria and Spelunky. The pair spent over two years working on it! You can download the freeware PC game here.

"Derek and Jon were an absolute blast to work with, being as passionate about playing and making games as I was," says Saulesco. "They'd send me stuff from the game as they were making it and I'd write music inspired by what I got; artwork, story bits, gameplay or movie sequences."

The composer continues, "Eternal Daughter was a tribute to their childhood favorites, as much as it was to mine. Educated listeners may notice several homages to various composers, both classical and contemporary, weaved into several of the tracks."

"More than anything, this was a labor of love in the truest sense of the expression. Writing game music had been my dream job for years. When I suddenly got the chance to actually give it a shot, I gave it all my at the time sixteen-year-old heart and soul could give. And I'm quite proud of that."

You can stream or download the 21-song soundtrack for free here.

[Via @soundofjw]