Gallery1988 is now taking orders for limited edition prints from "Multiplayer", its currently running showcase of artwork inspired by classic video games and curated by OMG Posters, most of which are signed a numbered. 

There are 38 prints in all that you can purchase (well, except for the ones out of stock) to create your own "Multiplayer" exhibit at home, and I've picked my favorite from the collection after the break.

Above is a Silent Hill-inspired piece titled "I'm Alone There Now, In Our Special Place, Waiting For You" by Daniel Danger. Don't forget that if you'd like to see these all in person, Gallery1988's new Venice location will have them up until February 4.

"Dragon's Lair" by Mike Sputo:

"Q*Berts" by Spike Press:

"Sam and Max" by Drew Millward:

"My Tetris Heart Longs For Your Push" by Kevin Tong:

"E-Tanks For All The Memories" by Zac Gorman:

"A Muster Of Moogle" by Adam Hanson:

[Via Super Punch]