Popular among gamers who want to emulate titles from a wide range of consoles on the go (but don't want to carry around something as big as a Pandora), the Dingoo A320 is a Chinese handheld with a slick, minimalist design ripping off modeled after the Game Boy Micro.

Modder Abstauber apparently didn't need to carry his Dingoo A320 around with him anymore and decided to turn the console into a mini arcade cabinet using pieces of wood, a PSOne LCD display, a Seimitsu joystick, lots of magnets, and other miscellaneous parts.

"I've to say, the Dingoo was a really good choice for this project, as the cab is completely silent, runs on a single 12v adapter and plays almost all my favorite titles," says Abstauber. "Not to mention that it saved me about 200 bucks of buying a mini ITX board."

He's posted a guide on how you can create a similar mini arcade cabinet on Dingoonity. And after the break, you'll see the machine in action, playing Mars Matrix (arcade), Dodonpachi (Mame4All), Outrun (Mega Drive), and Ultimate Drift (Native).

[Via GBAtemp]