Indie developer Simogo recently posted this adorable music video for "Dear Mr. UFO", a very catchy song written by Jonathan "wearethemassacre" Eng and inspired by the Swedish studio's iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game Kosmo Spin

As you can figure out from the lovely tune, the goal of Kosmo Spin is to defend your planet against an alien out to abduct all your breakfast foods. Hence the chorus: "Dear Mr. UFO, you're hungry yes we know, but lease know that we must keep our breakfast."

In the game, you run around the planet bouncing back balls thrown by the alien -- it's a simple but fun experience that you can see demonstrated in the last third of the clip. It's a pretty neat idea to have a music video that also works as a trailer!

You can download an MP3 and cover art for wearethemassacre's "Dear Mr. UFO" on Simogo's site.

[Via Nobuooo]