Canadian indie developer Citeremis has announced a a Developer's Edition for its side-scrolling action-RPG game Aztaka in a "Quest For Profitability" bid to recoup its costs from developing the well-reviewed game. 

The studio explains that it borrowed $235,000 from friends and family to develop the game over the past four years, renting a small office above two bars. While that's a fairly small budget compared to releases from major publishers, Citeremis revealed that it's only made $35,000 from the game's sales so far.

Hoping to "bridge that gap", it's now selling a version of Aztaka that includes the game's source code, an "exotic" French art book, and a preofssionally recorded soundtrack. It plans to sell the package at a reduced price of $9.99 until January 31st, when it will double to around $20.

For those new to Aztaka, it's a 2D RPG meant to blend "classic gameplay with modern technology and high-end graphics", sending players on an Aztec quest spanning 21 levels and filled with mythological creatures, quests, and puzzles.

Citeremis hopes to generate enough sales from the Developer's Edition to continue operating and to reimburse the friends/family that funded Aztaka. You can learn more about the action-RPG and purchase the Developer's Edition here.