After releasing Chime to XBLA last February with non-profit publisher OneBigGame for charity (then sending out a Windows version in September), Zoe Mode will now bring the music-based puzzler to PSN in the form of Chime Super Deluxe this spring.

The PSN edition will feature 10 songs, including all five tracks that were in the XBLA release:“Ooh Yeah” by Moby, “Spilled Cranberries” by Markus Schulz, “Brazil” by Philip Glass, “For Silence” by Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), “Disco Ghosts” by Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly).

Zoe Mode explains Chime Super Deluxe's gameplay:

"Players must cover a number of different grids with irregular shapes to form rectangular blocks called quads. Every shape and quad generates musical notes and phrases. As the grid is gradually covered, the song builds up in the background. Working their way towards that elusive 100% coverage, players create a unique remix of the music every time they play."
While the PC and XBLA editions were single-player only, Chime Super Deluxe will feature two multiplayer modes, which the developer will provide more information about in the future.