Babycastles will soon be packing up its "pop-up video game, art, and music venue" in Manhattan as its lease ends, but the indie arcade will move back to its old Silent Barn spot in Ridgewood next month, then settle into a permanent space at 285 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg.

Before all that, though, Babycastles is opening one last show tonight at the Manhattan gallery: Terraforms - Game Mods, "an exhibition dedicated to game artists and their radical reconfigurations of traditional gamescapes", curated by Sarah Brin and Zach Gage.

The artists and works slated to be featured include Anne-Marie Schleiner's "Velvet Strike", John Hendershot's "Removeallweapons This, First Person", Robert Nideffer's "Tomb Raider I and II Patches", and Myfanwy Ashmore's "Mario Battle No. 1, Mario is Drowning".

Also: Guthrie Lonergan's "Rpgpaint", Traffic Management Ltd.'s "JFK: Reloaded", and Zach Gage and Ramsey Nasser's "Killing Spree". Expect performances from MV Carbon, Lesley Flanigan, Aaron Moore (of Volcano the Bear), and Raphael Amadeus Frankenstein, too.

Apparently G4TV will be covering the event, so make sure you look presentable! The all ages show starts at 7PM tonight (free admission, $5 donations welcome)  -- you can RSVP here.