Developer Thom Robert has released a 1.3 update for Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, his multiplayer PC game that has several users acting out the parts of Star Trek-esque bridge crew, each performing different functions on their futuristic space ship (e.g. Communication, Weapon Control) and working together to fight other alien crafts.

While the game was previously a LAN-only affair, this update now offers "full online play". It also adds the ship editor tool (allowing modders to create new enemy vessels), new artwork, new ships, a new user interface, asteroid fields, the ability to have six different crews working together or against each other, and more.

Robert has decreased the price for a bridget license to $40 (valid for five computers), but you can still get the full game for free by downloading the demo and recording yourself playing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with at least two other friends, then uploading that video to Youtube (like the group above did!).