Gabe Swarr -- co-founder of iam8bit Productions, supervising director for Nickelodeon's Kung Fu Panda: The Legends of Awesomeness, and the artist behind fantastic iOS game MeowWalker -- has a neat, nostalgic cartoon/webcomic called Life In The Analog Age about "the world that existed before the internet, and life in general."

He explains, "Do you remember that first day of school when your mom made you wear those stupid looking pants, or the time when you got picked on for no reason, or that first kiss, the feel of your backpack filled with books, the smell of your mom’s cooking, those quiet sounds outside your window every night before falling asleep?"

Swarr seeks to recapture those moments with Life In The Analog Age, and in his latest video update embedded above, he remembers the video game experience as a kid in the early '80s. In previous episodes, the artist recalls car rides with mom, the first day of school, drawing giant robots, and other childhood memories.

4 Color Rebellion is running a neat contest for the series asking readers to submit their favorite vide game memories. The site will choose it's favorite from all the entries, and Gabe will create a personalized picture of the story in the same style as Life In The Analog Age (winner will provide a childhood photograph)!