Social game developer Zattikka has announced The Ministry of Silly Games, its collaboration with revered comedy group Monty Python that features minigames based on the troupe's sketches and films.

Previewing the title at an event with Monty Python stars Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, Zattikka revealed that The Ministry of Silly Games takes place "within the madcap Monty Python virtual world" and will launch as a free game on Facebook in the first quarter of 2011.

The UK-based developer points out that this will be the first Monty Python game in 13 years. CEO Tim Chaney says the company aims to transport the brand into the 21s century with "a totally new experience for their unique comedy that will delight old and new fans alike."

Its full list of minigames include the following:

  • King Arthur's Knight Fight – "Frantic 'slice-'em-up", featuring the Black Knight, The Killer Rabbit, Tim the Enchanter, the Holy Hand Grenade and God."
  • Monty Python's Scratch 'N Sniff – "Observation game featuring Zattikka's original Flash 'Scratchcard' mechanic."
  • Camelot Smashalot – "Catapult livestock, Holy Hand Grenades and Trojan rabbits at the fiendish French fortresses."
  • Twit Russian Roulette – "Keep your Upper-Class Twit alive for as long as you can in this wacky game of Russian Roulette!"
  • Mr Creosote – "Feed Mr Creosote his favourite nosh but avoid the wafer thin mints in this fun one-button reaction game."
  • Gumby Flower Arranging – "Help the Gumby match three flowers of the same kind, otherwise he's going to hit himself with bricks!"
  • Gillaxian – "Arcade-style shooter that's also a tribute to a great game and a great artist."
  • Aerial Antics – "Balance your TV aerial on household objects to tune in your telly in this fun puzzler."

"The Ministry of Silly Games brings Monty Python characters and scenes to life like never before," says Jones. "For years, people have wondered what it would be like to catapult livestock at French fortresses, or play Russian Roulette with an Upper Class Twit. Well now they finally can, thanks to The Ministry of Silly Games."

You can see screenshots for The Ministry of Silly Games and sign up for the social game's beta at its official site.