Duality ZF developer Xona Games has just put out another release for Xbox Live Indie Games, Decimation X3, the sequel to its well-received Space Invaders-style bullet hell shooter Decimation X (Decimation X2 and Xona's Score Rush came out as WP7 launch titles two month ago).

The original Decimation X enjoyed some success when it debuted in January, especially in Japan, where it was the #1 rated and best-selling XBLIG title for a while. Decimation X3 is off to a great start, as it's currently the top-rated XBLIG game in the U.S. and is receiving attention for its involvement in the Indie Games Winter Uprising.

Decimation X3 features four-player multiplayer, "extra power-ups, more firepower, improved retro graphics, huge bosses," a slowdown feature, and a soundtrack by Stefan "Imphenzia" Persson. You can download the XBLIG game now for just 80 Points or grab a free demo.

[Via Shmups Forum]