Nearly 14 years since work began on the project and 18 months since we featured it here, that full-color remake of Ocean Software's 3D isometric Batman game (CPC/ZX/MSX) is finally completed and available to download for free!

Shipped in 1986, Batman was developed by Bernie Drummond and Jon Ritman, who later went on to create Head Over Heels and Monster Max. This unauthorized remake comes from Tomaz Kac (who also previously remade Head Over Heels), David Vassart, Infamous, and Cheveron.

As with the original release, which was the first commercial Batman video game, this remake has players helping Bruce Wayne find the seven pieces of his BatCraft that have been scattered around his Batcave and mansion. Also, Batman's sprite is super adorable.

You can download the Batman remake and see more screenshots here.

[Via RetroRemakes]