Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released its first trailer for the beta of Natural Selection 2, the first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid game coming to PCs (and possibly other platforms afterward). If you've never played the original Half-Life mod, this clip should introduce you to how it blends those two genres for a compelling action/strategy experience.

Unlike the first Natural Selection, this follow-up is a standalone title built on Unknown Worlds' Spark game engine. Much like the original, though, Natural Selection 2 will have players choosing to fight for the Frontiersmen space marines or alien Kharaa, each with their own unique units and defensive structures fighting in dynamic environments to eliminate the other faction.

Interested gamers can pre-order Natural Selection 2 and receive pre-release access now via Steam -- Unknown Worlds updates the beta version nearly every week with new units, abilities, maps, improvements, and more.

[Via Rock Paper Shotgun]