Indie developer Polytron posted this new trailer for Fez, its much-anticipated puzzle platformer releasing to Xbox Live Arcade some time next year. Unlike the previous Fez trailers we've shared, this one doesn't showcase the game's perspective-switching feature, but you do get to see the game's starting village, which has a cat chasing butterflies, rugs hanging on a clothesline, and other charming details.

Fez has a lot of talented dudes working on it: Phil Fish and Renaud Bedard (Super HyperCube) handling the design/art/code, Paul Robertson (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game) and Adam Saltsman (Canabalt) doing the animation, Brandon McCartin (Aquaria) helping with the sound effects, and Disasterpeace (Cat Astro Phi) arranging the soundtrack! It's like the 1992 Olympics U.S. Dream Team of indie developers.