Dutch indie developer Ronimo Games announced the launch of Swords & Soldiers, its fun sidescrolling real-time strategy game originally released on WiiWare and PS3, for Windows and Mac this week.

Swords and Soldiers HD, which is available to buy right now from Ronimo's site for $9.99 (Steam will have it later today, too), features a 30 level single-player campaign, customizable skirmishes, three highscore bonus games, and Steam powered online functionality.

With this launch, Ronimo has also released a patch that adds Move support for the game's PS3 version, allowing players to direct an on-screen cursor around with a wand controller. The PSN demo has also been updated with Move support and more levels.

And don't forget that Two Tribes will soon release Swords & Soldiers for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, too!