Munich-based publisher Redspotgames released the first trailer for Sturmwind, its new horizontal-scrolling (though there are some vertical portions!) shoot'em up headed to the Sega Dreamcast next spring.

I hadn't seen much from the game's developer, Duranik (Native), prior to Sturmwind's announcement, but what it's put together here looks amazing! The bosses, giant enemies, and backgrounds the studio's pulled off with its hybrid 2D/3D game engine would look great even on a current generation console, in my opinion.

Sturmwind is expected to feature three difficulty modes, 16 stages, more than 20 bosses, "hundreds of different enemies", an award trophy system, and more. You can preorder a copy of the Dreamcast game from Redspotgames now for €34.95 (US$ 46.00 / 29.50 GBP), with no payment required before its release.