Just a month after Sense of Wonder Night 2010 finalist Spirits debuted on the iPad, Spaces of Play is bringing the action-puzzle game to iPhones and iPod Touches tomorrow with all 40 levels from the big-screen version, as well as the same hand-drawn graphics and orchestral soundtrack.

In Spirits, players direct a stream of white mushroom-like figures around a map, using different abilities -- like blowing wind in different directions, digging tunnels, and growing bridges -- to navigate them around the stages until the reach the spiral that will lead them to the next level.

To fit Spirits into those devices' smaller screens, the German indie developer has added the ability to zoom out more, providing an overview of the different stages and allowing players to form their strategies. They can then zoom back in to see more of the details and execute that plan.

Spaces of Play points out that playing Spirits on newer iPhone/iPod Touch models will show more details, such as particles and high-resolution graphics, on the Retina Display. You can watch a trailer for Spirits after the break: