Soulcaster II, one of the fourteen games featured in the Indie Games Winter Uprising promotion, released today to Xbox Live Indie Games . The original Soulcaster, which we featured in March, was an 8-bit-style game combining top-down Gauntlet dungeon crawling with tower defense elements.

For the sequel, developer MagicalTimeBean added an upgraded graphics engine, 30 stages, four tilesets, four monster types, upgrades for the three summons, new level mechanics, and more. The studio also made improvements to the game's performance (now supports more than 150 on-screen monsters) and enemy AI.

You can buy Soulcaster II from Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 MS Points -- there's a free demo, too. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Indie Games Winter Uprising releases!

[Via GamerBytes]