A 1987 Commodore 64 game called Shockwave -- supposedly an unreleased and unannounced title from The Edge (now Edge Games, founded by Tim Langdell) -- has popped up on eBay, ready for someone to win it and unearth its mysteries.

"I remember seeing this game whilst I worked at The Edge," says the seller, who was looking through his old work disks to auction off when he came across this rare game. "This may be the only copy of it left in existence!"

He adds, "[I] can't remember who coded this. It may have been the guys that did Soldier of Light or an earlier version of R.I.S.K. (renamed K.R.I.S.), as the disk is dated the same year, or it could be a follow up to K.R.I.S."

The auction ends in four days and includes the disk as well as notes from the original developer. Hopefully we'll hear more about what exactly this is after someone has a chance to play it!

[Via GameSniped]