This Sunday, Shibuya's Club Axxcis will host an "8bitream Retrogaming Party" organized by Japanese site Kotaro Blog, the Digital DJ Network, and retro video game store chain Super Potato. The cover charge is quite expensive!: ¥3,000, or around $36.

The event opens around 3:30PM with a talk of some sort -- possibly on video game collectibles? At around 5:15, 8bit rap group Plugnet will put on a performance (see a music video by the group after the break), followed by Sexy Synthesizer.

I didn't know much about Sexy Synthesizer before, other than his involvement in January's killer Fami-Mode 2010 show, but after seeing the above video with its Space Invaders sound effects, I had to feature his music here!

For more on the group, GSW contributor Jeriaska interviewed Sexy Synthesizer's Takeshi Nagai for Chiptuned earlier this year. You can find additional details about 8bitream (in Japanese) here -- after Sexy Synthesizer, the party will feature "Best Hot Videos Related On 8Bit".

Afterward, all these gamers/chiptune fans need to clear the venue to make way for a group of Japanese DJs spinning classic hip-hop jams -- a lot of New York rap and probably some Notorious B.I.G. Ladies get in free.