South Korean developer Gamevil has brought its popular one-button mobile game series NOM to the iPhone with a new rotating action release that takes players through "six eras covering billions of years" while trying to save the hero's girlfriend.

In NOM: Billion Year Timequest, players turn their iOS devices and time their taps/jumps in 37 levels (including six boss stages) scattered across "the Big Bang, Primitive Times, Ice and Bronze Ages, Future Tribal Warfare to the Mechanized Civilization of Future."

While travelling through time and enjoying's the game's bizarre storyline/presentation, gamers will be able to equip relics to improve NOM's health/luck/"miracle status" and eat snacks that initiate special effects.

You can grab NOM: Billion Year Timequest on the App Store right now for just $1.99. Make sure to also check out Gamevil's postmortem on Nom 2 at our sister site Gamasutra to learn more about the series and what makes it so special!