Over 15 years since its release in Japan on a variety of platforms (the Sega Saturn edition received a U.S. port), Sunsoft's Galaxy Fighter is now available to play on your North American PlayStation 3 thanks to import publisher MonkeyPaw Games and the PSN Import Store.

Available in its original Japanese form, this fighting game is mostly remembered for its endless scrolling backgrounds (revolutionary for its time) and odd cast that includes a giant lizard, a Monty Python-esque killer bunny, a space ninja, a punching bag dressed as Ryu, and a thug ridiculously named G-Done.

"Galaxy Fight is one of those games where you'll find yourself admiring some of the 'firsts' that developer Sunsoft pulled off. The 'endless' platform showcases just how innovative this retro fighting game was," says MonkeyPaw president John Greiner.

Greiner continues, "Fighting game fans will truly appreciate the impact the game had in the mid-90s and we're proud to bring the title to Western gamers for the first time."

Galaxy Fight is available to download from the PSN Import Store starting today for $5.99