By now, you've likely seen someone's mock-ups of a "minimal Mario" or other famous video game characters -- reducing their designs to a few pixels -- but indie developer Jaeden Amero actually created a playable "minimal" version of Super Mario Bros., allowing you to run through the classic NES games' worlds with Goombas, coin blocks, and turtle shells all transformed into a single block.

It's an NES ROM hack, so I'm not sure if there's a way to play it through any shady practices. Amero suggests you somehow make a dump of your Super Mario Bros. cart, apply his IPS patch (requires an IPS patcher), and play it with an emulator. As you'll notice in the screenshot above, you won't see the menu text for obvious reasons, so just hit start or select-start (2-payer) to begin playing.

[Via 4 Color Rebellion]