Italian indie Molleindustria, developer of thought-provoking games like Oiligarchy and Every Day The Same Dream, has released Leaky World, an interactive interpretation of Wikileaks spokesman and editor-in-chief Julian Assange's "Conspiracy as Governance" essay.

Molleindustria describes Assange's essay as one that "effectively and concisely describes the drama of transnational power in the information age", though the developer makes sure to point out that it believes the document has several flaws.

Developed in ten days, Leaky World has players connecting cities/nodes on a world map to grow "the global network connecting members of the ruling class" and "to establish complete hegemony before the resistance reaches a critical point."

As the nodes receive more connections, they're more likely to leak information. Once those nodes reach that point, a real world headline about appears at the top of the game, allowing players to pause Leaky World and read the news article.

This project is the first release out of Wikileaks Stories, an initiative inviting independent game designers to "use their artform in the service of freedom and democracy, transforming the information revealed by Wikileaks into computer games."

You can play Leaky World and read Assange's "Conspiracy as Governance" essay on Molleindustria's site.

[Via Infinite Lives]