While there's not a lot of information on this project yet, indie developer "Tennis" has been working off and on for at least a year to build this Gunboy sidescrolling platformer, which features some great artwork (love the background/environment in this clip!) and music. I'm not sure what the bouncing watermelons are about other than easy points, but those are neat, too.

The real interesting part about this project and gameplay video, though, is the hero's switching between different "outfits"/powers, similar to Mega Man. The blue/water outfit seems to be the protagonist's default state, the orange/fire costume shoots exploding balls, and the green/earth one spits out temporary platforms that also crash down on enemies below.

Tennis hasn't revealed what platform Gunboy is for -- or much else about the project, really -- but I suspect it's for PC. Hopefully we'll hear more about his progress on the game soon!