Gaming blog Gnome's Lair recently pitched the concept of WikiLeaks Stories, a curious indie gaming initiative that merits some attention due to all the hubbub about WikiLeaks and its spokesperson Julian Assange lately, as well as its potential to produce some meaningful projects.

The site describes it as "A selection of short and sometimes longer games that will turn some of the more interesting WikiLeaks ...err... leaks into playable stories. Maybe even provide you with a hacker game that will let you attempt to battle the powerful censors and their allies; we'll see about that."

Gnome's Lair is already creating on a WikiLeaks Stories interactive fiction title, and game designer Jonas Kyratzes (The Museum of Broken Memories, The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge) is also working on something for the project.

"If you are a game developer, join us in making games about the crimes that governments try to keep quiet," says Kyratzes. "Use your artform to fight for democracy and freedom."

"Art does not exist in a vacuum, and neither do artists. Some people will call it preaching, but take it as a compliment: preaching is the act of telling the truth as you have found it, and art has its roots in religion, in revelation."

He adds, "Let’s remind them that art is not abstract navel-gazing engaged only with 'universal themes'. Art is right here, right now, and it has teeth."