Washington D.C's annual four-day Music And Gaming Festival (MAGFest) will return next month with a chiptune showcase featuring Cheap Dinosaurs and "rising star dance party duo" George & Jonathan, with Don "No Carrier" Miller and Alex "Enso" Bond providing live visuals.

Other notable micromusic acts slated to perform at the festival include Noisewaves, Wizwars, Zen Albatross, Note!, Danimal Cannon (of Metroid Metal/Armcannon), and Inverse Phase. Zen Albatross will also lead a panel on chip music history and culture at the event.

MAGFest will run from January 13 to 16, while the chiptune showcase will take place on the 15th. The festival will feature a ton of other music and video game highlights, including 24-hour console/ arcade/PC game rooms, video game cover bands, a vendors area, and guest speakers from the video game industry and fan scene.

In case you've never heard George & Jonathan or Cheap Dinosaurs, I've embedded a couple of their songs after the break for you to enjoy!: