Swedish indie developer Marcus "Raitendo" Richert, who you might remember from Sense of Wonder Night finalist You Only Live Once, has just released the third and final title from his "10 Seconds" trilogy, which presents Experimental Gameplay In 10 Seconds.

As the series name suggests, it's a short title, so click that, have a little fun at SOWN/Experimental Gameplay Workshop's expense, then head back here. Once you're done with that, play the previous two entries for more giggles: Passage in 10 Seconds and An Abstract Art Game in 10 Seconds.

Considering Richert has put out his own artsy titles in the past, I doubt these are meant to be anything mean. He's previously described Jason Rohrer's Passage, one of the lampooned games, as an important title, and called his spoof of it "just a bit of silly fun."