If you're not sick yet of Commander Video and Meat Boy cameos, check out this new trailer for Bitejacker to see both of the Bit.Trip/Super Meat Boy heroes pop up in this top-down action game.

As covered previously, Bitejacker is new PC title developed by Secret Base (Tobe's Vertical Adventure) and based on indie gaming video show Bytejacker. Players can control the program's host Anthony Carboni or cameraman Jon Riviera to fight zombies, aliens, and monsters.

As you shoot your way through Brooklyn, you'll come across retro parodies and horror spoofs, save and lead survivors of the zombie apocalypse, buy weapons that look like Contra power-ups, and run into a few indie game characters. I'm pretty sure I also saw a sprite that looked like Princess Peach in there...

Anyway, the undead Meat Boy description is great: ("Not afraid of dying; he's done it thousands of times.").