Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski, co-founders of The Witcher/Good Old Games developer CD Projekt, recently delivered an engaging talk at TEDx Krakow 2010 on Black Sheep Strategy, hoping to "open the eyes of the audience to look at what surrounds them from a different angle and ideally come up with their own, fresh business ideas."

You might have heard Iwinski and Kicinski recently resigned from their positions at CD Projekt as CEO and business development director, respectively. The Warsaw-based company said the two haven't left the company but were taking "a longer leave in order to restore energy and to avoid being burned out" after managing a share swap with Polish PC company Optimus.

Here, the developers talk about their Black Sheep Strategy and "dare to be different" approach came into play when creating The Witcher as a single-player PC game for a specific audience during a time when everyone was focused on consoles, MMOS, and titles with broad audiences. They also discuss Good Old Games and its recent PR debacle.

You can read more about the presentations from TEDx Krakow at Barts News.

[Via Barts News]