Brian "Doctor Popular" Roberts, Lilia Markham, Mike Hales recently got together to code a follow-up to last year top-down action game Knifetank, creating Knifetank: The Hauntening. Completely unlike the original, this is a funny browser-based point-and-click adventure title.

You'll find a lot of gags and mocking up adventure game conventions, and not to mention a lot of knives! It's free, has an awesome chiptune soundtrack provided by Crashfaster, and takes like five minutes to play -- why not try it out?

"Just about every clickable item is full of jokes, and I think the art is some of Mike’s best yet," says Doctor Popular. "The game feels fantastic on touch devices too, so try it out on your iPad if you get the chance."

[Via Freeloader, Minusbaby]