Gaijin Games revealed this teaser art for Bit.Trip Flux, the indie developer's sixth and final game from its WiiWare/PC/iOS Bit.Trip series. The studio's hasn't revealed much about the mystery game aside from sharing this odd statement:

"A lesson is learned.
Life is.
There is no death.
There is no before.
There is no after.
All is in flux. Simply."

This artwork appeared in Mission in Snowdriftland, the online advent calendar game dispensing goodies from indie developers all month -- you should definitely check it out for more treats from Spaces Of Play (Spirits), Ronimo Games (Swords & Soldiers), and other studios.

Aussie-Nintendo has also posted small squares of Bit.Trip Flux art that hint at a Super Meat Boy appearance. It's not surprising considering that the Team Meat character had a cameo in Bit.Trip Runner, and Commander Video was a playable character in Super Meat Boy!