Independent developer StarQuail (a name I love, probably because it reminds me of Quailman) has announced the launch of Astroman, its 2D platformer for Xbox Live Indie Games. When we last mentioned this title, one of our readers described it as "Super Metroid meets Star Control, with the aesthetics of a modern Math Blasters" after seeing the trailer, which sounds like an amazing premise.

Here's StarQuail's set up for Astroman:

"The greatest of space cliches has befallen our unfortunate hero--crash landed on an unknown planet, his space ship in pieces, and nothing but his space suit and a gun that doesn't seem to have enough ammo in it.

Luckily, he can find suit upgrades scattered around enormous levels to make finding the ship pieces easier, ship pieces will expand the range of his ship to search other worlds for more parts and upgrades, and it turns out that the worlds in this system have plenty of extra ammunition lying around, because he'll need all the ammunition he can find in order to zorch the many varieties of hostile alien life he'll encounter along the way."

The game features hand-drawn graphics presented in 720p, alternate paths, three difficulty settings (with "a couple extra surprises" in Normal and Hard), and more. You can download Astroman now from Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 MS Points or grab a free demo.