Extend Studio's side-scrolling run 'n gun shooter A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, the first prize winner from this year's XNA Dream Build Play competition, releases for PC tomorrow -- the team hopes to eventually developer either a direct port or sequel for Xbox 360.

The game is set in a late 21st century space station once created to save Earth's polluted environment and now taken over by robots infected by a mysterious gas. Players take on the role of a Zytron-immune robot, Ares, sent to rescue survivors on the space station.

Along with the usual firepower wielded by robots from the future, Ares has the ability to collect parts from fallen robots, then recycle them into items like health packs and weapon upgrades. Ares also has the help of a military-support satellite that shoots lasers at enemies.

You can preorder the game now for $15 from GamersGate. Extend Studio has posted a free demo you can check out first, too.

[Via IndieGames.com]