Inspired by Torontron, the arcade cabinet built specifically to play games from Toronto indie developers, the recently created Winnitron 1000 is a refurbished '80s arcade machine that features titles created by Winnipeg's independent game creators.

Winnitron is designed to encourage local developers to come together, collaborate on new ideas, and create new titles that will be made available to play on the cabinet. The machine has a WiFi card that connects to a server and downloads new games automatically.

The arcade cabinet's creators -- Tom Rab, Kert Gartner, Joel Forest, Jeff Lindsay, Noel Berry, Marlon Wiebe, and Infinite Ammo's Alec Holowka -- held a game jam a few weeks ago for Winnipeg developers to make and adapt games for the machine (see video above).

Right now, it plays a dozen indie titles: 4fourths, Paper Moon, Verge, Leap4Blue, Precipice, C4ke, Wave, Snowpaw, Krunch, Indie Brawl, Robots Robots Everywhere, and TrashPilot. The setup is meant to run games with four-directional movement and two-button controls.

Winnitron will appear at upcoming events like New Media Manitoba's Demo Camp o November 17th and LoPub's "Data Dance Chiptune Dance Party and Popup Arcade!" on December 4th. It will eventually be installed at Red River College for students and visitors to "experience what the Winnipeg game development scene has to offer".

[Images via Chrissy Chubala]