Trilobyte, the defunct developer behind puzzle games like The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, has re-emerged as Trilobyte Games under the guidance of Rob Landeros, one of the original studio's co-founders. Better yet, the company announced its opening by revealing an upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad port for PC classic The 7th Guest.

The original CD-ROM game debuted in 1993, moving more than 2 million copies -- which Trilobyte says was an industry record at the time. Set to release early next month, the App Store edition will feature "pretty much" all the original full-motion video that was in the original, touchscreen controls, and a $3.99 price tag.

Trilobyte says it will use the money it makes from 7th Guest to fund a similar port for its sequel, The 11th Hour. It also hopes to create mobile versions of games like "Psych, Let’s Do Diddley, POV, and a new version of TLC."

"I’m excited to bring this ground-breaking classic title to new platforms and a new generation of gamers," says Rob Landeros. "The port has been seamless, and our team has optimized the code for a full-range of mobile devices. Props to Trilobyte co-founder Graeme Devine for supporting our efforts and working with us to make this happen."