If you missed NYC's marvelous Heavenly Symphony event last week -- at which Double Fine's Tim Schafer and Epic's Cliff Bleszinski made an unexpected appearance -- you can take a tour of Babycastles' indie game/art/music show and meet some of the folks who made it happen in this German video column called Bayer in Brooklyn.

Here you'll see several ArtXGame projects played on custom arcade machines (check out the cabinet made from barn wood!) like Kyle Pulver's Jottobots and Derek Yu's Hellen & Calvin's Bogus Journey. You'll also spot Pokemon woodcuts from Mare Odomo (Letters To An Absent Father), posters by Cory Schmitz (EXP, The Controller), and more.

"I've had these discussions before on the internet where people are like, 'Well, I can just download the game and play it at home'," says Babycastles co-founder Syed Salahuddin. "The purpose is not to download the game and play it at home. The purpose is to come here, experience the game in a cabinet, and meet strangers, meet all kinds of people at this space."