Last week at Canada's GamerCamp 2010 festival, Spooky Squid Games (Night of Cephalopods) unveiled a trailer for its latest project, They Bleed Pixels, a "fast-paced, gothic, low-fi pixel art, platforming beat’em up with a chiptune style soundtrack" provided by DJ Finish Him.

The game is inspired by Niddhogg, but I also saw touches of Super Meat Boy and some of Griptonite Games' handheld titles (The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows), in the platforming and combat -- which is definitely a good thing!

Spooky Squid's Miguel Sternberg says They Bleed Pixels is all about how the game feels, and is focusing on "the kinetic joy of moving and interacting with the game and creating beat’em up combat that isn’t button mashy or button heavy.

The developer hasn't announced when They Bleed Pixels will hit XBLIG, but it plans to put out more information about the game as its release approaches.