In Over The Edge, the first chapter of recently released point-and-click adventure game The Journey Down, players meet Bwana and Kito, two friends and gas station owners trying to pay off their debts in what appears to be some sort of alternate, Jamaican-themed world.

They'll also face off against a power company that's cut off the gas station's electrical supply and has forbidden anyone from exploring a region of the world called The Edge -- a premise that seems loosely based on a certain trademark dispute.

Anyway, that all seems secondary, as what you'll immediately notice about The Journey Down are its beautifully painted backgrounds and fantastic soundtrack composed by Simon D'souza. Indie developer Skygoblin apparently spent five years working on the project in Adventure Game Studio.

You can download The Journey Down: Over The Edge for free here. Skygoblin intends to release the adventure game's second chapter, Into The Mist, in summer 2011.

[Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]