Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix has just released Voice Fantasy, a new microphone-based game for iPhone (3G and newer), iPod Touch (fourth gen and newer, separate mic required), and iPad, priced at $2.99.

In the game, players record their voice, and Voice Fantasy summons characters with different vocations, abilities, and personalities based on that recording for RPG-style combat. The battles can be played out on one device and are fully automated.

Voice Fantasy features three modes in which summoned characters can show off their abilities and skills: Single Match for one-on-one combat, Tag Match for two-on-two battles, and Demon King for fighting monsters. Users' recordings are also converted as the characters' voices during battles.

Square Enix adds that it plans to add "a series of famous characters from the most popular and highly-regarded Square Enix titles" -- presumably this include figures from the publisher's Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and other series releases.